We have modern & well-equipped, self-sufficient workshop having total area-2000 sq. m with engineering Stores area – 1000 Sq. ft. and Office area – 400 Sq. ft. We are having association with consultants for carrying out process & mechanical design of equipments. We have the separate section for carrying out fabrication of stainless steel & mild steel equipment’s.




Sr. NoDescriptionCapacityQty
1Plasma Arc Cutting & Tig WeldingPlasma Cutting Capacity up to 50mm.3. Nos.
2DC Welding RectifierCapacity up to 600 Amps.4. Nos.
3Welding RectifierCapacity up to 600 Amps.5. Nos.
4Welding InvertorsCapacity up to 600 Amps.12. Nos.
5Tig Welding Control Unit (HF Unit)Capacity up to 600 Amps.3. Nos.
6Mig Welding Machine. (ESAB Make)Capacity up to 400 Amps2 Nos.
7Shell Rotators with Idlers Capacity up to 30 Ton.2. Nos.
8Flame Cutting Machine Cutting Capacity up to 180 mm.8. Nos.
9Plate (Roller) Bending MachinePlate Bending Capacity up to 50 mm Thk. X 2500 Long.1. No.
10Electric Hoist with Gantry 25 Tan Capacity(Span16Mtrs.)1. No.
11Power Press10-Ton, 30-Ton, 70-Ton Capacity. 3. Nos.
12Radial Drill Machine (HMT Make)Drilling Capacity up to 65 mm.1. No.
13Radial Drill Machine (Batliboi Make)Drilling Capacity up to 65 mm.1. No.
14Radial Drill Machine (Prabhat Make)Drilling Capacity up to 38 mm.1. No.
15Pillar Drilling Machine (Prabhat) Drilling Capacity up to 38 mm.1. No.
16Lathe Machine6” Bed Length with Grinding Attachment.1. No.
17Lathe Machine8” Bed Length.1. No.
18Shaping Machine24” Stroke.1. No.
19Milling Machine4 No. Size.1. No.
20Fly Press Machine10 Ton & 5 Ton Capacities.2. Nos.
21Section Bending Machine8 Feet Long.1. No.
22Gas Cutting SetCutting Capacity up to 80mm15. Nos.
23Hydro Test PumpCapacity up to 500 Kg/Cm2. 2. Nos.
24Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine Capacity up to 14” & 18” Blade Size.2. Nos.
25Bench Grinder Machine1 HP. Capacity.2. Nos.
26AG-7 Angle Grinder (7” Disc Size)1 HP. Capacity.20. Nos.
27GQ-4 Angle Grinder (4” Disc Size)1 HP. Capacity.4. Nos.
28Angle Sender Grinder (7” Disc Size)1 HP. Capacity.2. Nos.
29Single Speed Flexible Shaft Grinder1 HP. Capacity.2. Nos.
30Angle Grinder (4” Disc Size)700 W, 10,000 RPM. Capacity.3. Nos.
31Air Compressor (LG Make)5 Hp Capacities.1. No.
32Thickness Tester (SS/MS) Magasonic MakeCapacity up to 100 mm.1. No.
33Tube Expanding UnitCapacity up to 33 mm Dia.1. No.
34Dial Gauge (Mitutoyo Make)0.01 mm LC.2. Nos.
35Micrometer (Mitutoyo Make)0.00 To 250.00 mm 2. Nos.
36Dial Vernier Caliper (Mitutoyo Make)0.00 To 200.00 mm & 0.00 To 300.00 mm Capacity.3. Nos.
37Motorized Over Head Crane (Gantry)Lifting Capacity up to 12-Ton.1. No.
38X Ray Viewer100 X 400 mm Screen.2. Nos.
39Face plate with I beam Support.2500 X 5000 x 36mm Thk. With Hardened surface. 1. No.
40Face plate2400 Dia x 100 mm Thk.1. No.