Our Product

We are an ISO9000;2008 company. We make sure that our products are of state of the art quality and meet international standards. All of our products are made of virgin grade material. All the products mentioned here are leak proof and undergo extreme quality check measures. Have a look at our world class range and select with your eyes closed.


Our Speciality


We are the largest supplier of plant and machineries on turnkey basis for Sodium Silicate Product in India & Abroad, where we design, manufacture and supplies equipments and commission the plant to customer satisfaction.



We are also designer, manufacturer, supplier on turnkey basis Industrial Refrigeration system based on Ammonia / Freon as refrigerant to meet your temperature requirement from plus 10 deg. C to minus 60 deg. C. We have supplied no. of condensers, chillers, receivers and oil separators for ammonia base refrigeration system having 0 to 450 sq. meter heat transfer area. Refrigeration plants are either fitted at site or can be made skid mounted at our workshop depending upon size of plants. The plants are highly energy efficient and their operations are controlled by control panels for auto functions. Controlled panels are either Electronic or Mechanical type of control panels