Teckson Steel is ultimate Manufacturer of Equipment’s for Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Refrigeration Plants & Equipment, Food Industries and Allied Industries in Vadodara.

Teckson Steel Product


Highly secure and safe reactors with ISO level security. Reactors for Condensers,Chillers,Oil Separators suitable for Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Storage Tanks

Think walled high grade storage tanks. Our tanks are made with best virgin material of steel or plastic for chemical, food and refrigeration industries


Industrial grade vessels of your desired size and desired material for for chemical, food refrigeration industries and pharmaceutical industries

Batch Mixtures

Our batch mixer doesn’t simply mix; it emulsifies, homogenizes, soliloquizes, suspends, disperses and disintegrates solids. Ideal for use in chemical, food refrigeration industries and pharmaceutical industries

Ribbon Blenders

Its used in dry powder blending in the process industries. Perfect for pharmaceuticals, foods (BISSC certified), chemicals, fertilizers, plastics, pigments, and cosmetics industries

Auto Claves

We build thick walled high pressure giving auto claves to suit your demand in industries of chemical pharmaceutical and hospitals

AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organizations in Vadodara Gujarat, which is mainly due to proven Quality Assurance & & Management System for manufacturing standards of engineering equipments and machineries.
Vadodara’s best designer of Reactors, Auto claves, distillation columns, condensers, batch chargers oil separators, pressure filters and many more

Our Valuable Clients

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